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All the information contained herein is written in masculine form for convenience only, but it also refers to females, and all that is said in single form also refers to plural, and vice versa.


Marathon Israel – Promoting and marketing sports events

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Street Unitzman 21, Tel Aviv

Terms of engagement and responsibility in the races produced and under the responsibility of Marathon Israel

  1. Marathon Israel organizes races and contests intended for the general public under the conditions set out below. These rules must be read carefully to avoid misunderstandings.
  2. Registration for the race organized by Marathon Israel constitutes acceptance of the terms set forth in these Terms and the race registration form.

The time and place of the race

3. The race will be held on January,3 2020

Starts of the various heats will be held at the Tiberias on January,3,2020

Heats and ages

4. Marathon – 42.195 km, half marathon – 21.1 km, 10 km

5. The races are intended for ages:

Marathon – 42,195 km – 20 and older,

Half marathon – 21.1 km- 16 and older. Participants younger than 18 need approval from parents. 

10 k – 14 and older. Participants younger than 18 need approval from parents.    

The determining date for the registrant’s age is race day.

6. Marathon Israel cannot guarantee that data on a particular race will not subsequently change due to constraints that are outside of Marathon Israel’s jurisdiction and / or “force majeure”, thus claims about this change of data may not be grounds for claiming and / or requiring any reimbursement from Marathon Israel.

Registration and payment

  1. Registration must be done in the race’s online registration system.
  2. When registering for the race and delivering the email address to the Marathon Israel representatives (either orally or on the registration form), the participant confirms the receipt of emails, messages and advertisements by email, mobile phone and any other means.
  3. If a participant wishes to remove his or her address from the mailing list, he / she may do so by clicking Cancel at the bottom of the page or sending a return email to Marathon Israel’s address.

Terms of Participation

10.  The race itself is subject to a minimum number of participants as specified in each race. Marathon Israel is allowed to cancel any race even days before it starts.
Marathon Israel does not guarantee a maximum of participants, unless otherwise stated.

11. Participation in the various races is the sole responsibility of the participating runner. By registering for the race, the registrant declares and warrants that he is fit and healthy and that there is no other medical impediment to his participation in the race, because he knows that the race organizers and / or anyone on their behalf have no responsibility to him for any damage and / or injury that would result from his participation in the race, and that he waives any claim and / or demand against the race organizers or anyone on their behalf in connection with any damage and / or injury that may be caused .

12. Participation in the competitive heats will only be allowed for those who fulfill all of the conditions listed below, and in summative:
a. The participant is registered and his name and details appear on race date in the organizers’ and time keeper’s lists.
b. Participant wears a time measuring chip as well as an official bib number received by him, based on the registration he made to the race and which bears his name and details. Anyone who does not meet the conditions listed above will not be allowed to run in the race and the organizers will be allowed to stop him and remove him from the track. In any case, anyone who does not meet the conditions listed above will be disqualified and the results will not be measured.
13. A runner whose registration information is incorrect may be disqualified and the results will not be considered and he will not be able to make any claim and / or demand in this matter to the organizers.
14. Runners are required to sign a Marathon Israel Health Statement to complete the registration process for the event. Signing this statement is part of the registration process in the system.
15. Registration for the race is personal and non-transferable.
16. It is agreed upon by each entrant that the race organizers may use photographs and / or pictures and any such participant and / or his or her videos before, during and after the event for advertising and PR purposes in any media and at any time, free of charge.
17. The runner’s full name, address, the heat and results will be published in the list of runners on the site. If a runner does not want his name to appear on the runners list, you can contact customer service by contacting the event website.
18. Organizers and other race officials may disqualify runners who run unsportsmanlike or contrary to the guidelines or endanger themselves or other runners. These disqualified runners will not be reimbursed.
19. It is prohibited to accompany runners by running, cycling or any other vehicles (except organizers). A runner towed by another person, a cyclist or another vehicle will be disqualified.
20. The finishing line will be closed as determined by Marathon Israel. When this occurs, runners who run at a significantly slow average pace will be asked to stop running, to notify race officials that they have stopped, and to reach the finish line, if necessary. The water and first aid teams will cease operations and race organizers will not be responsible for the safety of runners who will continue to run on their own.



21. Cancellation policy is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law and its regulations.
22. When a participant communicates with the Company to purchase a race without his or her presence and the Company Representative for the transaction, or if a race participant was not present in the Company’s offices, (remote sale transaction), and when the contract is due to the Company contacting the Race Participant through Remote Marketing (mail, telephone, radio, television, electronic communications, fax, advertising catalogs or newspaper ads), participants in the race may send a written cancellation notice to the Company (including by fax, mail or electronic communication) of their participation in the race within 14 days of the date of the transaction.
23. If a participant canceled the race transaction he purchased, within 14 days of the transaction, as stated above, due to a transaction defect or mismatch between the race details the company committed to and the details provided to the race participant (including company details, price, terms of payment, right of cancellation, written document on Company and race details, etc.), the Company will return to the Race Participant within 30 days of receiving the cancellation notice, that portion of the Transaction Price paid by the Race Participant, will cancel the Race Participant’s charge for the Transaction and he will not be charged any cancellation fee.
24. If a participant canceled the race he purchased, within 14 days of the transaction, as stated above, for any of the reasons stated above (IE, due to his wish to cancel the race without any reason), the Company will return to the participant, within 30 days of receipt of the cancellation notification, that portion of the transaction price paid by a race participant, will cancel the participant’s charge for the transaction and will not charge any fee except the minimal cancellation fee of 5% of the race price or NIS 100, whichever is lower.
25. In any other case besides the above, where a race participant cancels the race, after 14 days after the race has been purchased, the following cancellation terms shall apply:
a. If participant cancels his registration for any reason, 30 days before the race, he will be charged a cancellation fee of NIS 20 from the price he paid.
b. If participant cancels his registration for any reason, 14 days before the race, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied.
c. Cancellation less than 14 days prior to the event date for any reason the participant will be charged a cancellation fee of entire price he paid for the race.
d. Direct debit / change of credit card details or any reason why the card with which the transaction was made cannot be credited, and a credit transfer will be required – the participant will be charged a handling fee of NIS 50.
26. The Company may offset any amount paid by a participant in the race according to the above.
27. The Company may notify each participant of a race, in writing, prior to its contract to purchase a race from the Company, on special cancellation terms that apply before and during the holidays.
28. If a participant wishes to change his heat, which involves a supplement / refund – these will be determined by the course tariff on the day of the change and not by the tariff of registration day.
29. A runner who wishes to change, correct and / or update his registration information, including replacing himself with another runner, may do in accordance with the organizers’ instructions.

Running kit

30. It is the responsibility of each participant who is registered for the race and who appears on the organizers’ lists, to pick up his running kit including a bib number and a running measurement chip. (“Race Kit”)
A participant who did not receive his race kit due to non-arrival will be able to receive the kit 2 business days after the race at the Marathon Israel offices.

Cancellation / change of event date

31. Cancellation of the Event and / or Change of Event Outline and / or any other change as advertised as a result of ” Force majeure”, heavy rainfall, flooding and the like which does not violate the agreement of the Producer and / or the organizers, and the Buyer / Participant shall not be entitled to compensation and / or refund. The producer and / or organizers will allow an alternative event to be held, whenever possible, at a different time, whenever possible, and subject to no prejudice to the sole and exclusive discretion of the producer and / or organizers.
In these regulations, “force majeure” means any factor that the producer / organizer has no control over, including in any case of inclement weather conditions, cancellation due to a low number of participants, postponement / cancellation due to war, or strike, and / or force majeure and / or other external limitation imposed on the producer / organizers and / or by a competent authority, emergency or terrorist operation, missile attacks, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, special government operations and the like, which  prevent or disrupt the existence of the event, and for this purpose “prevent or disrupt” includes a result of national mourning and / or negative public mood which is inappropriate for the event and its activity.

Insurance, medical evacuation and liability

32. The Organizers do not provide insurance for runners and participants in the race, and each participant is aware and understands that Marathon Israel has no insurance coverage regarding any damages, of any kind, caused by direct or indirect participation in the race. Each runner has the responsibility to insure himself including insurance in accordance with the provisions of the Sports Law, 1988.
33. A runner and / or participant evacuated by ambulance will pay 50% of the cost of the evacuation, without prejudice and / or with the exception of his existing arrangement with a health fund or an insurance company – as far as he has.
34. To the extent that a runner and / or participant has to undergo medical examinations in accordance with the provisions of the Sports Regulations (Medical Examination), 1997 – he must do so at his own risk and expense.
35. The organizers are not responsible for any loss, and / or damage caused to property and equipment of a Participant and / or Runner, and any Participant and / or Runner is solely responsible for the safeguarding of his property and equipment.
36. By registering for the race, each participant hereby declares that all race organizers and their responsible parties are relieved of any liability for property and equipment which he will bring with him the race, and he waives any claim and / or demand against the race organizers or any other body related to the race for any damage / loss of equipment / property that he owns.
37. Organizers may update the information on this site and the participant should follow these updates.

Differences of opinion

38. The information provided in these regulations and in other publications by Marathon Israel constitutes a reference to a commitment by which the participant is registered for the race. Marathon Israel has no responsibility for any unauthorized or unverified information provided and contradicted by this or any related data unless it is backed by writing.
39. The interpretation and enforcement of these regulations and / or any action or dispute arising from them shall be conducted in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, and shall, if necessary, be ascertained in the competent courts of each of the District Courts: Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Center, Haifa, Nazareth, Be’er Sheva And Jerusalem.
40. Appeals: Runners may submit a written appeal regarding the race results to the secretariat of the event, up to 45 minutes from the moment of the case being referred to.
41. All winners of the race are asked to stay until the end of the event for the trophy ceremony, to receive their award. If a winner cannot stay for the ceremony, the trophy can be collected up to one week after the event at the offices of Marathon Israel.

Registration form

 42. Filling out the registration form on the race site constitutes a complete reading and understanding of the Company’s regulations and the General Notes and Terms in each race.

Site Privacy Policy

43. Marathon Israel respects the privacy of anyone who signs up for the event and / or makes any use of the website. The privacy policy set out below addresses the type of information Marathon Israel may collect, as well as the manner and purpose of processing this information. This policy of Marathon Israel also guides subscribers / users of the site how to behave if they do not want their personal information collected or disclosed to others.

This privacy policy is drafted in masculine form for convenience only, and it also applies to women.
Maintaining the privacy of participants is important to Marathon Israel, and the Company pays special attention that it is upheld.
Registration for an event and / or services requires prior registration and entering, among other things, of necessary identifying information such as name, address, form of payment (if necessary), means of contact, etc.

Agreement to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

44. The use of the Website indicates the consent of each participant to this Privacy Policy, and in accordance with any law that applies. If the participant does not agree to one of the terms, avoid using the site and / or contact Marathon Israel so that it can assist him in alternative ways. Participant information will only be used in accordance with the

Use of information collected

45. Marathon Israel and / or on anyone operating on its behalf, are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of their information and to comply with the law. To the extent that information about a participant is collected at the time of registration and / or use of the Website, Marathon Israel will use the information only in accordance with this Privacy Policy or the provisions of any law, and for the purposes listed below:
a. Management and Relationship with Event Attendees.
b. Proper Management of the Event and website, and Operation of the Services Offered.
c. Providing customer service and streamlining the engagement with Marathon Israel.
d. For marketing purposes – all of it is subject to the consent of the participant under the law, and to the internal needs of Marathon Israel, without its delivery to external advertisers.
46. Marathon Israel will not pass on any information about a participant to third parties, except to the extent permitted by this Privacy Policy, as required by law, and in the following cases:
a. Legal dispute and / or claim between a participant and Marathon Israel, or if a participant carries out actions in violation of the law.
b. By judicial order or by the requirement of a competent authority under law.
c. To prevent serious injury to the participant and / or property or the body or property of a third party or Marathon Israel.
d. In the case of a merger with another entity and / or the merger of the site activity with the activities of a third party, provided that the new recipient accepts the provisions of this privacy policy, with all its limitations and conditions.
e. Everywhere on the site where the participant has given explicit consent.

Health Declaration

47. Each participant is required to approve a health statement as stated on the Company’s website, and it is clarified that no race kit will be given and no race will be allowed without a signed health statement.

Health Declaration Form for applicant to attend Marathon Israel events

* The wording is written in masculine form but also refers to females:
Part I: Medical Questionnaire
Please read the questions below thoroughly and answer each question honestly by marking the appropriate answer.
1. Has your doctor told you that you have heart disease? Yes / No
2. Do you feel chest pains? (Please mark your answer in any of the options below)
a. While resting? Yes / No
b. During daily activities? Yes / No
c. During exercising? Yes / No
3. Do during the past year (please mark your answer for each of the options listed below):
a. Have you lost your balance due to dizziness? Mark no if dizziness resulted from over-breathing including during vigorous exercise) Yes / No
b. Have you lost consciousness? Yes / No
4. Did a doctor diagnose that you have been suffering from asthma, and therefore during the past three months (please mark your answer for each of the options listed below):
a. You need medication? Yes / No
b. You have suffered from shortness of breath or wheezing? Yes / No
5. Did one of your family members of first degree pass away? (please mark your answer for each of the options listed below):
a. From heart disease? Yes / No
b. From sudden death at an early age? (Before age 55 if a man and before age 65 if a woman) Yes / No
6. Has your doctor told you in the past 5 years to exercise only under medical supervision? Yes / No
7. Do you suffer from a permanent (chronic) illness that is not mentioned in the above questions, and may prevent or restrict you from exercising? Yes / No
8. For pregnant women: Has this pregnancy or any previous pregnancy been defined as a risk pregnancy? Yes / No
Part II: Guidelines
If you marked Yes in one of the questions in Part I of this form – upon your registration for this event you must also submit a medical authorization from a physician to Marathon Israel stating that the doctor confirms that there is no risk to your health from participating in a sports event. Marathon Israel will allow you to participate in the event only after obtaining a medical permit that has not passed 3 months from the date of issue. The medical approval must be submitted when collecting the race kit, as a condition of participation in the event.
In the event of a change in your medical condition, consult a physician about attending the event.

Part III: Statement
I hereby declare that all the details I have provided are correct and that I am eligible to attend the event.
• I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I am aware that I intend to attend a sporting event which is a considerable physical effort.
• I hereby declare that I am healthy and fit for exercise and have properly trained for it.
• I understand that my participation, if I’m not physically ready, could jeopardize my health.
• I am aware that the organizing committee of the event, the organizing body, the actual organizer and the sponsors, shall not be liable for any damages caused to me, including bodily harm caused to me prior to, during or after the event, or even for any loss of equipment.
If you have suffered – or suspect that you have suffered during the week adjacent to the race – any illness, including fever, gastrointestinal disorders, or cough, consult your physician prior to participating in the activity and obtain approval for it.
I the undersigned state that I have read and understood the entire medical questionnaire and statement on this form and filled it in myself. I declare that I have provided complete and correct information about my past and present medical conditions according to the questions I was asked in the questionnaire. I authorize the producers to use my photos, for advertising and public relations purposes, free of charge.
First and last name:
Signature __________________________

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