Thursday, 2.1.2020

12: 00-22:00 Distribution of race kits in Gan Ha’ir park and expo.

17:00 Press conference, Lake House Hotel

18:30 Festive pasta dinner

Friday, 3.1.2020

6:00 Opening of start area on Habanim Street.

6:00 Opening of the luggage storage station:

  • In Gan Ha’ir (the finish area) for marathon runners
  • At the starting point – Habanim Street – for 21.1k and 10k runners

6:30 Gathering at the starting line for Marathon and Half Marathon runners. Entry to the starting corrals according to target time.

7: 00-13:30 Expo at Gan Ha’ir.

7:30 Start of Marathon and Half Marathon.

7:35 Entrance to start corrals for 10km runners.

7:50 Start of 10km heat.

9:00 Start of local school run.

9:30 Award ceremony for half marathon and 10km winners – 1st ,2nd and 3rd places, men & women, in Gan Ha’ir.

10:15 Award ceremony for marathon winners – 1st ,2nd and 3rd places, men & women (general + Israelis), in Gan Ha’ir.

11:00 School ceremony.

13:30 Official closing of the event.

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